Jo Norton lives and works with respect on Bundjalong Country , Northern Rivers, New South Wales  

An artist whose medium is clay

Jo Norton’s work displays a variety of skilful approaches to the ceramic discipline, including domestic pottery, large vessels and sculpture .

Exploring the capacity of the material to create works across a variety of scales including small porcelain vessels, large stoneware vessels and site specific installations. 

Working in stoneware and porcelain, Norton’s creations are distinguished by her understanding of form, proportion and space. Work recognised by her integration of form with texture or colour .

“Clay is a medium  that allows me to create an idea through the use of colour,  texture and form.

Work informed by the details and repetition found in the monumental and the minuscule , the shifts and changes marked by time ; natural and manmade.  

A new idea takes shape; the first piece inspires the next; several pieces become part of a series ; variations initiate a new idea and the  cycle begins again …"